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Testimonials From Real Clients

The Bailey Family - 

When I decided a reverse mortgage was the right choice for my family’s situation, I spoke with a few agents and was not overly impressed. Then I called The Reverse Mortgage Group and spoke with Beth Miller-Rowe and within the first ten minutes I knew I was dealing with some very special, caring people.

Not only did they take me through the process step-by-step so that I understood everything, but Beth came to my family’s rescue and made sure we would survive financially until we closed the deal and began to see the proceeds from the Reverse Mortgage. This is one the most amazing examples of human kindness I have ever been party to.

My family will forever be thankful we found Beth and Kristine and everyone at The Reverse Mortgage Group.

I recommend these folks to anyone who wants the straight scoop and an honest deal. Not only do they go the extra mile, they take care of just about everything and turn a complicated ordeal into a comfortable situation for the client.

The Bailey Family



We are very excited to review our experience with The Reverse Mortgage Group.
I had a lot of trepidation when I thought about a reverse mortgage.  I kept the idea "on the back burner" until a friend told me they moved forward with a reverse mortgage through The Reverse Mortgage Group and they were extremely happy with the whole process! 
In my case, I found myself waking up each night with worry and anxiety about financial concerns.   I am a caretaker for my wonderful 94 year old mother, and with her many health issues, I was not sure I could continue to work at my part-time job. 
I eventually "bit the bullet" and called The Reverse Mortgage Group.  Beth Miller-Bornemann  was fantastic, as was  Krissy Thinger!
I dreaded all the paperwork but soon realized the bulk of this was the mortgage company's and not mine!  Such a relief!   Yes, I definitely had to come up with financial information but they had a list that was easy to check off.
And, although I would like to think I am organized, I still had to come up with some information which I did not have at my fingertips.  Not only were they patient, they were also helpful in suggesting how to go about receiving copies of needed information when I was unable to find the papers at home. 
By the time I was signing the documents, I was extremely well informed and all my questions had been answered.  Beth and Krissy were incredibly wonderful to my mother and me throughout the whole process.  There was never any judgment and they always respected our time and concerns.  Coming to our home was an extra plus since it's not always easy for my mom to leave the house.
Once the reverse mortgage was complete, our current home mortgage was paid off.  Then, a month or so later, we requested money from the reverse mortgage which was deposited into our savings account.  We plan to use it only for medical emergencies, and it's such a relief to know it's available.  This, by the way, was an extremely easy process, as well.  Now I can consider giving up my part time job to be more available to my mom.
In the end, I found a perfect way to use a portion of the equity in our home!  Also, in the end, I lost a few things ~ worry, anxiety, and sleepless nights!   
Thank you Beth, Krissy, and all the staff at The Reverse Mortgage Group.
You were the best and I have no regrets!
Sally Eakle and Alice Overholtzer
We recently closed on our Revere Mortgage.    Beth and her entire team were amazing.  She initially came out to the house and explained the entire process clearly and was able to address all of our issues.  Our situation was very complicated because we initially had started our process with another company who we were very dissatisfied with.  Beth took over the entire process and was able to go above and beyond to take that extra step that made our Reverse Mortgage happen and close.  Her team was efficient and timely.  Beth and the notary came to our home and we closed on our desired date.  We could not be more pleased.  Thanks Beth.  Our purpose is not to use the money but to just have for an emergency and we no longer needed to worry . 
Brentwood, CA